"There is no substitute for books in the life of a child." - Mary Ellen Chase


Hello and welcome to Letter Blocks, the B&N Jr. Blog specifically geared towards parents with young readers. Our hope, to paraphrase B.F. Skinner, is to not only foster great books, but to foster the love of reading.


To kick start the blog, we're incredibly excited to announce -- as part of our Summer Reading Program -- three months of guest bloggers who will be reflecting on their favorite children's books and how they influenced them and their kids. Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, will post the inaugural entry later this week. Thereafter, every Monday and most Thursdays through August, you'll read entries from authors like Charlaine Harris, Ridley Pearson, and Christine Feehan to celebrity personalities like Julianne Moore, Michael Ian Black, and William Shatner.


We'd also love to hear about your own summer reading experiences. Post a comment here about your favorite childhood reading memory, the first book you ever read, what you read to your children, your scariest/happiest/most thrilling reading experience, or any other thought that invokes the spirit of youth and the pleasures of reading!

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