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Purpose or Progression

I have been thinking about why humans in general are here. Is it purpose, in the sense that we were put here by a supreme being or is simply just humans progression for self gratification and its being misinturpeted as supreme control? Any suggestion would be much appericated.
"When the rich wage war it's the poor who die."
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Re: Purpose or Progression

in my opinion, we are put here by a supreme being. but not because i want to feel self gratifyed but because the world needs to be in order and every creature has a purpose weather it be animals or people or nature we arent put here because were speacial but because with out man kind , without nature . without  us god system wouldnt survive . and i do think theare purpose is beingg misinterperted , we are only as important as anything else .and if nothing else is important than nethier are we