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SOUTH RIDING: Discussion Schedule September 2011

Winifred Holtby's South Riding has been on the long-list for this group for many years.  However, the book was out-of-print stateside making it hard to find.  Apparently, the secret to getting re-printed lies in getting the BBC to adapt the novel for a mini-series.  South Riding was reprinted this year and our group members happily voted for it - 1930s England here we come.


Discussion schedule:

Week 1, September 5 - 11:  Books I and II

Week 2, September 12 - 18:  Books III and Books IV

Week 3, September 19 - 25:  Books V and VI

Week 4, September 26 - October 2:  Books VII, VIII, Epilogue and the Novel as a Whole


South Riding is now available in BBC paperbackVirago paperback, and audio (unabridged and abridged).



The mini-series was released on DVD and is now available - I have it in my Netflix queue and can't wait to see my favorite Anna Maxwell Martin :smileyhappy:

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Re: SOUTH RIDING: Discussion Schedule September 2011

I just discovered that SR has been translated in French in 1946, there are still second hand hardback copies available on the net. French Critics have compared the book to Middlemarch or North and South...

Therefore I have just ordered a paperback copy in English from England at a price of 1$ + postage costs!

It does sound worth reading.

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Re: SOUTH RIDING: Discussion Schedule September 2011

I just ordered the book. I haven't joined in a discussion in a long time but things are settling down here. I have the miniseries saved on my DVR. Will begin to watch this weekend.


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