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80's Sci-fi book about mankind's role in the next millennia

 Read this book years and years ago..I THINK it has the word "millennia" in it. Each set of chapters is a short story that deals with man's development in the universe. From first dominating the universe to eventual extinction..( was kind of dark)


A few of the chapters I recall:


An Olympics style competition amongst the races of the galaxy and Man felt he had to cheat (steroids, robotics etc..) in order to show the universe that Man is still the best.


A human gets charged with murder on an alien world because he sneezed and it frightened and alien to death. If I recall, he was found guilty and executed.


At the end of the book  (sorry..20 year old spoilers!!) humans are the enemy of the galaxy and are hunted down to near extinction. One man and one woman end up surviving on a lonely planet far away...


Thanks for any help!