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A book about a girl who dies goes to heaven and goes to angel school

I can't remember the girls name but its a series and the first one starts out her dying and talking a little about her parents then going to heaven and being initiated there and then learning the ins and outs of being an angel... its a teen/tween book but thats about all I remember. Hope someon can help me, Thanks!

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Re: A book about a girl who dies goes to heaven and goes to angel school

Could this be the Angels Unlimited series of books by Annie Dalton? I've included a description from Amazon.

Product Description
Meet Mel Beeby, the feisty, trouble-shooting, trouble-making angel – in this sparkling 3-in-1 edition of her first three adventures!

Melanie Beeby, just thirteen, has been permanently removed from the late 20th Century by a speeding joy rider. She is elevated to another place, where she attends the Angel Academy. When she is asked to join an elite trouble-shooting group, Angels Unlimited, she is sent on a trial mission to London during the Blitz…

Mel has now passed her exams to become a full member of the Agency. When she, Lola – her best-angel friend – and Reuben are sent on a mission to Shakespearean England, she realises that she must be fully alert and on the ball, if England is not to miss out on the greatest play-writing talent the earth will ever know!

Even angels need to chill out, and Mel's been looking forward to Lola's birthday beach party for weeks. So she's not impressed when Michael volunteers her and her angel mates for a medieval field trip. But when they get there, they stumble upon a time scam which could have serious repercussions for the FUTURE!

Hope this helps!