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Been racking my brain trying to remember this book for years......

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I read a book in 4th grade about a nuclear attack - around the same time of reading things like Number the Stars, The Giver, and Hatchet - so it would be around that level of reading.


Here is what I remember:  Protagonist was male; staring out the window above the kitchen sink when a blinding light and deafening sound hits; house is left in ruins.  Boy crawls to the family's underground fallout shelter (with his family?)  Remains there for some time.  Emerges to find help for a family member, finds the neighbors (dead or alive, I can't remember?), and a makeshift hospital being set up by the community.  Drags the family member there for treatment, and I believe the book ended with him running around trying to help "patients" in any way he could.  


I remember there being a subplot about the main character loving to run, although I may be melding two stories together on that one.


Also, 90% sure the cover is of a ranch-style home sitting on an empty lot, just grass/driveway/ hill in the background - no trees or anything in the yard.  Bluish tone.

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Re: Been racking my brain trying to remember this book for years......

Your post makes me think of this book:

After the Bomb by Gloria D. Miklowitz.  I read it in 7th grade, it is sort of a young reader book, despite being a pretty heavy topic.  The cover and plot you described are as I  remember them, the book itself is for sale thru B&N and Amazon.  The Amazon listing for the book has a picture of the cover.  From what I remember, the narrator lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, and after the explosion he is looking for his father.  Along the way, he helps locate a source of clean water for a hospital, and helps other people with different problems.  (SPOLIER ALERT) He doesn't find his father at the end of the book, but is confident he is alive.

I hope this helps!