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Book about an American journalist in the USSR

Hi guys.  It was a nonfiction book.  Written by a journalist (not sure if NYT or WaPo or whatever) who lived in the USSR in the very late 70s to mid 80s.  He had his family with him.  He writes in the book extensively about meetings with dissidents and how they would disguise their meetings by playing music loudly (so that the bugs wouldn't catch the converstion), of how one needed a pass to enter Moscow, of how important to the average Russian family to get their kids in with the communitst youth organizations so they would be placed in favorable positions later in life as adults, and how the Russians in general were quite warm (he talks about an older woman chastising him for having his daughter outside without a warm hat and it wasn't that cold out) and friendly.


I have tried to find the name of the journalist or the bvook to no avail.  B&N Community, you're my only hope!