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Book in the future...? Title?

I dont remember much,but basically this girl was in an accident and she wouldnt have survived but its in the future so they have an artificial gel that can regenerate her? (not sure its a "gel") But her parents gave her life again and she was a dancer before the accident, but she was too tall so her mother had the doctors make her shorter. I also think her grandmother lives with them now, not sure if dad is in the picture... Anyway the live isolated from most of society and the girl meets a neighbor that makes art out of natural things like pine cones and thats all the bits I remember, please help if you can!!

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Re: Book in the future...? Title?

"The Adoration of Jenna Fox" by Mary E Pearson

"Seventeen-year-old Jenna Fox wakes from a coma and doesn’t know who she is. She has been involved in a horrific accident and is brought home to recuperate with her mother and her grandmother, two women she does not remember. In fact, she is not really at home; her parents have moved miles away to give her time to fully recover. And, she has the distinct impression that her grandmother is angry with her. When Jenna insists on being able to go back to school, she is sent to a charter school where every student has had some difficulty to overcome--some have emotional scars, like Ethan; others, like Allys, are struggling with physical handicaps. Jenna becomes friends with both, and quadriplegic Allys draws Jenna and Ethan into a political passion for strict medical controls. Gradually Jenna starts to glimpse her past life, the accident, and strange memories that don’t make sense to her until she is able to come face to face with the medical practice that has saved her."