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Book was read a few years ago, it takes place at some kind of behavioral boarding school

which I'm pretty sure the book might be titled after.

It starts when the younger sister is going to the school.. & the older sister was torn on how to feel about it. But the first few days she left she would call & write letters of how there's something weird going on at the school. So since the older sister is a cop she decides to go in undercover as a teacher to the school. Along the way she comes across an old flame (Trevor or Travis?) & they kind of teamed up after they found two kids murdered in this barn (a boy & a girl-I believe the girl was the main characters little sister's roomate). So while she's trying to uncover the mysteries of the school in the end she finds out the one she was chasing all along was her own sister when she tried to kill her & admited to killing the others. The younger one was charged with murder & I think ended up going to the mental ward. But she at least reunited & fell back in love with her ex.


If you think you might know & maybe need some more details or something, don't hesitate. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember but I can't so Thanks in advance for responces.