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Cannot remember the title of a childrens book

I've searched for years now for this book I loved as a child but have had no luck. It was a hard back book and had short stories told by flowers, pretty sure it had a cream cover.

There was a particular story about how the forget me not got its name, it involved a girl with really long blue hair that a man used as a bridge to go across a river to find out her name on this cliff that was guarded by maybe a troll? (If my memory serves me right). But the man is chased off the cliff by the troll and falls into the river where his memory is wiped and he cannot remember her name.

There was also another story about a man who lived in the mountains and swapped his heart with his donkey so that if someone tried to kill him it would actually kill his donkey instead.

If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.