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Childhood book

My Grandad bought me a book when I was 5.

It is a series of short stories involving different children including Mandy, Caroline, Susan,Barry and Tim.:smileyhappy:

There are pencil drawn illustrations every few pages.

Example stories are Mandy's Umberella, Daddies office and the bus ride.

I still have the book but it has no spine or front and back cover.

I would love  see if I could buy this book again as it is falling to bits.

               Thanks :-)


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Re: Childhood book

Does Tales of Oaktree Wood by Rene Cloake ring a bell?  I looked up (on google) what you mentioned and that's pretty much the only thing that came up.  Since you still have part of the book, try googleing the beginning phrase of a chapter (or something like that).  Google, or the Guetenburg project might have something.