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Children's book: class excursion gone wrong?

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Does anyone know this book about a class excursion that go to the forest, but then a storm kicks in and everyone gets lost? I think the main character was a boy whose mother had recently died, and he was quiet and a little weird and he wrote creepy poems about death, but was otherwise a good kid. I remember his classroom teacher being worried about him. And though this kid was the main character we see more of the other kids who got lost in the forest. There's also another kid, whose name I think was Alvin, who was implied to have problems with the mafia or criminals of some sort, and they track him down to the forest, but I don't know how these two guys who were after him encounter the main character's dead mother and something happens to them? They don't mention specifics but it's implied that they either died or disappeared. Alvin thinks to himself that he won't have problems anymore and even a briefcase that he kept close with him and was obsessed with, he says that he won't need it anymore. And there's a happy ending, the storm clears up and the class reunites, and the main character is able to accept his mother's death and go on with his life, or something to that effect. Does it ring any bells?