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Children’s book – witches and bobble hats


I’m looking for a book I read at school; all I remember is it’s a light hearted book and there’s a witch who I think is trying to make a love potion to get a famous wizard to like her (or something); somewhere along the journey, a very tall, simple man comes along. He’s wearing a bobble hat that he’s particularly fond of. I think the witch steal his bobble hat because she needs to the bobble for her potion. The famous wizard is performing at an event/theatre/concert and the witch is determined to get there in time.


After a series of obstacles (as every good kids’ book has!), her ‘love’ potion is mixed up with something else, and the man with a now bobble-less bobble hat has a drink at the bar/theatre etc where the famous wizard is performing, and he wishes for a bobble for his hat. I think the book ends with an illustration of bobbles raining from the sky and him looking around rather bemusedly.


Anyone remember it?