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Fantasy: Girl - Desert gang - Ranked by Sashes

I vaguely remember a book from when I was young that I read
of a girl, whose parents died I believe, goes to live with some family or
something and she ends up finding this garden at the house and she ends up
in a desert with a gang. The guys are Arab or something and they all ride
horses. Their rank is marked by different color sashes. Either way she
ends up as a leader or high up in rank. I dont know when the book was from
as I read it back when I was probably 12 so that was 13 years ago. If
anyone has any idea of what it's called that'd be awesome!
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Re: Fantasy: Girl - Desert gang - Ranked by Sashes

Blue Sword  



When Harry Crewe's father dies, she leaves her Homeland to travel east, to Istan, the last outpost of the Homelander empire, where her elder brother is stationed.


Harry is drawn to the bleak landscape of the northeast frontier, so unlike the green hills of her Homeland. The desert she stares across was once a part of the great kingdom of Damar, before the Homelanders came from over the seas. Harry wishes she might cross the sands and climb the dark mountains where no Homelander has ever set foot, where the last of the old Damarians, the Free Hillfolk, still live.


She hears stories that the Free Hillfolk possess strange powers — that they work magic — that it is because of this that they remain free of the Homelander sway.


When the king of the Free Hillfolk comes to Istan to ask that the Homelanders and the Hillfolk set their enmity aside to fight a common foe, the Homelanders are reluctant to trust his word, and even more reluctant to believe his tales of the Northerners: that they are demonkind, not human.



Harry's destiny lies in the far mountains that she once wished to climb, and she will ride to the battle with the North in the Hill-king's army, bearing the Blue Sword, Gonturan, the chiefest treasure of the Hill-king's house and the subject of many legends of magic and mystery.



Harry, bored with her sheltered life in the remote orange-growing colony of Daria, discovers magic in herself when she is kidnapped by a native king with mysterious powers.