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Fantasy Time Travels

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In 1997 I traded a book at a takeabook/leaveabook stand in an airport on the eastern coastline in the United States. The book I picked up was a beat up, possibly well read book when I acquired it. Over the next five hours I devoured the book. Upon arriving at my next destination I deposited it in another takeabook/leaveabook stand. Share the wealth and all. Recently I was introduced to egg theory and it triggered the memory of this lost book.


I was a young adult when I read the book. At one time I thought that was what the target audience was, but the more I think about this lost book, the more I believe there were dark undertones and may have been more geared to general adults.


The story follows two strangers, thrown together by this creature/thing that takes them through time to make the world a better place. The male character was at the end of his time with the creature, whereas the book picked up when the female met the male. She was from the future, I believe they met when he set off an illness sensor. I remember one of the things he was supposedly a carrier of was tuberculosis, which was completely eradicated in her time. For some reason I remember the female character commenting on the male's accent. I do not remember if it was because he was from the past or from a different country (in my mind I picture him with an Irish or Scottish accent).


I remember the male telling the female how he came to be connected with the creature. He had been fishing and bam, the creature took him. He explained to her that the creature would take her to different times to fix minor events that, in the long run, would fix the whole. During their journey, yes they traveled through time together at the creatures whim, they would encounter many of the same people. The male explained to her that the people they kept meeting were once like them, travelers through time, but had left the creatures service before her. One of the people had been the companion to the male before the creature picked her.


I thinking one of their stops through time might have been either the american revolutionary war or the american civil war, but I could be way off.


One of the few things I remember about the creature was that it would pull them into the earth when it needed to speak with one of them. At the end of the book the creature spoke with them both, explaining why he was doing what he was doing. That eventually enough passed through time with different people, would fix the future. I remember the duo thinking this must be when they were to go their seperate ways, him to whatever time the creature decided to leave him and her alone in time with the creature. I do not think that is what actually happened though. They either were returned to their own times or let go together, I cannot remember.


I definitely see this book as more of a subculture experience. There was not much action or intensity that I remember. I want to reread this book. There was something special to the concept that the writer created that I simply cannot remember but know that it meant something to me at the time. Something that definitely changed my perspective on literature. I read this book in my transition from biographies and histories to the world of science fiction and fantasy. Since then I have probably read thousands of books thanks to the age of e-readers.


If anyone could help me find this book again I will be grateful.