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Fiction thriller, egyptian cult, serial murders! Whats the book?

I read this book on holiday two years ago and loved it! It is a paperbck with a cream cover and some kind of amulet as well. The story covers three prspectives. One a woman who is on the run from her psychopahic cousin, who is trying to kill her. She is hiding Italy at the start of the book but later comes back to the USA. Second is from law enforcement who are hunting a murderer who has comitted a series of brutal and grusome crimes leaving cult symbols in the victims blood all over the walls. The third perspective and most interesting is from the womans psycho cousin in the form of his diary as a child. His mother was an egyptologist and a member of some ancient egyptian cult. The son believes that he is the sun of osiris and that he is some kind of chosen one. His mother puts him into the care of his aunt and uncle. He gradulally writes in his diary about how he is better than them and other things but eventually he kills the family but spares his cousin who he has an obsession with. She then flees the country and he goes after her. Its a brilliant book and if anyone has any idea what its called please let me know i cant find it anywhere!

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Re: Fiction thriller, egyptian cult, serial murders! Whats the book?

I know this book I'm pretty sure it is the Mephisto Club. I forgot the authors name but it is part of the Rizzoli and Isle's series. I hope that's the book you are looking for.