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Help - Regency Romance - Abusive husband - h kills him in self defence

I remember buying this paperback about 8 years or so ago....was a regency, or at least not long after that time period.


The heroine was friends with a brother and sister, the brother who was in love with the heroine.

Before the brother/Hero could propose, the heroine fell in love and marries someone else.

During the marriage, he became physically abusive and she ended up killing him in self defence...he had accused her of having an affair with the Hero, even though she had barely seen her friend or her brother in months. She had been pregnant at one point, but lost the baby when her husband attacked her.


There was a court case, where a friend of the Hero,was the defence lawyer.


She was found to have killed in self defence, and a few months later, she marries the Hero..even though at this time she is still not in love with him.


The Hero, somehow for some reason, is kidnapped, and she manages to save him, by telling the kidnappers who she was, and is she had no issue killing a husband she would have no issue killing them either.


She then realises she loved her husband.


The sister of the hero and the lawyer friend, I think get together also, or possibly, there was a story line that would lead to them getting together in a future book.