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Help finding a sci-fi/horror book of short stories one involves an endless highway akin to hell

Several years ago I got a book of sci-fi short stories from the library that I really enjoyed, but I cannot remember either the author or the title of the collection. I only remember summaries of some of the stories in the book. Can someone help me either identify the book or direct me to a website that will help? 

Here are some of the stories that I remember:

-A couple is driving in rush hour on an endless highway with no exits for almost eternity. The semi-trucks on the freeway purposefully ram into other cars, causing them to crash, but instead of dying, the drivers feel the pain of the accident for what seems like thousands of years, before waking up in the driver seat of the car again, continuing on the endless freeway of hell. Eventually, the couple sees a semi-truck going for a car with a child in it and they sacrifice themselves to save the child from the pain. In doing that good deed, the couple freed themselves from the hell of the highway and found an exit for Disneyland.

-An elderly married couple lives in a nice neighborhood in which the husband is a leading member of the HOA. A strange man moves into the neighborhood and adds stuff to his house that the HOA is not okay with, such as parking a boat outside and painting. Eventually, the strange man engages in a long-term painting project in which he paints extremely realistic trees in his yard. The trees look so realistic it's hard to tell they are even real. The elderly husband in the HOA is furious with this, but his wife takes an interest. One day, when the sun is perfectly aligned with the faux trees, the wife leaves her husband to run off with the strange man into the painted scene together and disappears. 

-A high school or university teacher is well-liked by his students for his superb teaching style or something like that. Some lawyers approach him and praise him for his excellent teaching, eventually getting him drunk and coaxing him into signing a document giving them the rights to his teaching style. Losing the rights to teach, the teacher's life is essentially ruined. Longing to continue sharing his wealth of knowledge with children, he lurks around playgrounds and tries to teach kids while they play. Obviously he comes off as a crazy pedophile, so eventually he gets arrested and put in jail, where he continues to try and teach his inmates about various things.

-I'm not completely sure, but I think there was a story involving high-tech glasses that gave you unprecedented amounts of information about anyone and anything, including minute details of another's life. A man wears them to try and snag a date with a woman, and he is successful but gets carried away in the wealth of information and never learns to take the glasses off and enjoy the simplicities of life. 

-I think there's a story involving a device that enables people to go back in time to witness, but not interact with, the past. and it may or may not involve a burning house. Vague, I know. 

That's about all I can remember, but there were a lot more stories in the book. They were divided up into categories like Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, etc in the table of contents. 

Do any of those stories sound familiar to anyone? I'd really appreciate the help; I've been trying to find this again for a couple years now.