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Help with book title???

I read the book a few years ago and I can't remember the title nor the author. I remember pieces here and there. The book first introduces i believe it was 3 brothers who own a piece of land, one of the brothers tells the other 2 brothers to becareful and rides away on a horse because he was being chased, the brother ends up getting injured and very weak. He finds himself in the other side of a land and finds a house, he goes to sleep the  next chapters they introduce a young woman who lives alone and owns that part of the land her dad left for her after he died, the girl is being bothered by some old guy who is trying to force her to marry him so he can inherit the land, the young woman during that chapter finds the brother in her home and with the help of an old friend who takes care of her land, they nurse the brother back to health. After he is nursed back to health he helps the girl try to get rid of the old guy and find out how her dad died, other than that the guy and girl fall in love but they don't want to face that the brother is healthy enough to return to his brothers. Another part of the story is the old man kidnaps the girl and takes her to another town so they can get married, the brother goes to the town and bumps into one of his brothers and tells him that he helped the girl and shes in a little hotel room, its all i can remember, i'd appreciate any help. Thanks