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I can't remember the name

I read a book recently but I can't remember the name at all. I only vaguely remember the plot. It was about a girl who was a witch and her mom told her to keep it a secret. Her mother dies and says to look after her sister. I think the dad was a preacher or something. They lived in the swamps and the girl would go into the swamps and talk to these creatures, one was called Mucky man or something like that. This boy comes and they get attached but something happens and the girl begins to remember what happened in her past that was skewed. One was where the library in their house got burned down. Near the end of the book the boy gets really hurt because he followed her into the swamp. In the end she confesses to the town that she is a witch and is about to get hanged but her mother's ghost and lots of ghosts of the towns people show up and say she is innocent because she saved everyone. She had stopped the business men from draining the swamp and making the Mucky man angry. I know that's very vague but does anyone know what book I'm thinking of?