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Illustrated book featuring Lizzie Borden?

To be honest. I don't remember much of the details at all, and I can't even say how 'illustrated' it was. Nor can I tell if it was murderers or just Lizzie Borden.


What I do remember is that the copy of the book I saw was already quite old when I read it in 2002 (just so people know any more recent book would not fit the bill). It featured the rhyme about Lizzie Borden


("Lizzie Borden got an axe,

and gave her mother forty whacks,

and when she realized what she'd done,

she gave her father forty-one.")


The illustration style was very Brett Helquist a la A Series of Unfortunate events, but more gothic and possibly violent. The cover, at least, was inkwork in black and white.


I know this is very vague information, but I just remember really liking this book, despite the fact that I remember little to nothing about it.