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Looking For a particular Book

Ok, I hoping someone could help me locate a particular book. My friend
read this book awhile back but could not remember the title. Hopefully
I could explain enough what he read that someone could tell me the
title. The book was about this guy who was in the military and a
friend of his approached him about an high security Job like at area
51. The guy accepts and was sent to a class where they where other
officer waiting to be trained. His friend came to the class and ask
him to follow him. He was escorted to a dark room in front of a large
monitor. He was the told to use his mind to move a series numbers of
different object, at which point after a number of tries over a couple
of days he got good at it. When he asked about the particular facility he was in, he was told to imagine it being like an onion and that were different layers that did different things. He later learned that his mother was impregnated by aliens and that he was a hybrid. He also learned that
the military had been monitoring him throughout his life. He later
quit the military and wrote this book on his life. Because he left the military the military stated to him that they would deny everything if he was to say something. The book is suppose
to based on a true event and have his actual picture on the front cover. Does anybody know of this book?

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Re: Looking For a particular Book

Why don't you re-list this with a title like "Mother impregnated by an alien"  -- or some other vivid clue someone might recognize without opening your message.


Some of us check this board periodically, but we don't have time to read all the messages.  A good title can increase one's odds.

"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here." -- Leo Tolstoy
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Re: Looking For a particular Book

Ok, theres this little thing that looks like an x it helps you close the screen if you don't like what your reading. if you don't know the name of the book please the bother writing
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Re: Looking For a particular Book

[ Edited ]

Hi greenmile,


Peppermill is correct - if you want more help fiinding your book, you should put more detail into your thread title besides "looking for a particular book".  I posted a thread alerting users to this some time ago.  Please don't scold other members who are simply trying to help you!








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Looking for a particular book, but can't remember the title or author? Ask about it here!