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Looking for a children's book

I am looking for a childrens picture book but I cannot remember the title of the book or the authors name. The book is about a little girl whose dad is a painter. He is in the process of painting a portrait of her throughout the book and the portrait is of her smiling and holding a plate of cookies. The little girl looses a tooth and she gets worried that her dad will be mad at her because he'll have to change his painting. When he finds out, he is not mad at her at all, and he changes the painting so that the little girl is smiling with her lips together so that you can't see her teeth. Thats basically the whole plot.

If anyone knows the name of this book please let me know! I used to read it all the time when I was little and would love to know what the title is!

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Re: Looking for a children's book

"Miranda's Smile" by Thomas Locker

Copies available through B&N Marketplace Sellers.