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Lost Book.

I can't find any information about about this book that I'm starting to think I dreamed up. I believe it is a young adult book (8-12). It is about a handmaiden who is sent away to a house in the country (possibly becuase of a letter sent on behalf of her sister) . The house is very mysterious... I guess. The only other things I can remember are there are fairies or gnomes or something, a big deal is made about a well that someone fell down years before and the young man of the house is very angry/guilty about it. She gets trapped in the caverns under the well and is very oppressed by the weight of all the rock above her head.


It is possible that the child who fell down the well is being held by the fairies and the young woman rescues the child by taking its place. Maybe.


I would have read the book in the late 80s or early 90s (maybe), but I can't say that was when it was published.


I really appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks