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Missing: Young adult book that has live sized dolls in it.

I'm dying to read a book that I only remember vague bits about.  I'm pretty sure that it would fall under the young adult category, but as its been so long I can't remember when I originally read it, but it was during the 90s.  I'd appreciate any ideas anyone might have!
My poor memory only has this:
There was an older couple that had no children or something sad may have happened to them.  Somehow they end up with some foster kids.  Prior to having the foster kids they had built life sized dolls that also had tape recorders so that they could 'talk'.  Some of the nasty neighborhood kids had 'killed' one of their life sized dolls and it had been buried in a box.  This is discovered by the foster kids at some point.
That's it, that's all I've got.  I'm dying to know why they had the dolls and what happened to them.  If anyone knows what the title of this book was I'd really appreciate it.