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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pre-teen book?

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I had been looking for a book which I read quite some time back (6-7yrs ago?)


It's about a girl who was living in the wild, surviving on her own. There seems to be people hunting them down, (or was it hunting all children down?) There's something special about the girl as she hunts and behave like an animal? I can't be sure but i remember vividly that the author took time to describe how the girl hunts and survive, sleeping in the woods and running away from the people who are catching them. The girl later met a boy and they somehow bonded and survive together. If i have not remembered wrongly, the ending was the breaking of dawn.


PS: I remember the book (either title or plot) mentions about dusk quite a few times. Sorry if there isn't much information but I REALLY REALLY hope and appreciate if someone can help me out here. Thank you in advance!


Edit: I FOUND THE BOOK. DUSK by Susan Gates, if anyone is interested.