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Scifi novel - telepaths on starships, MC goes through a black hole and becomes a god?



I'm looking for a science fiction novel I read several years ago. It was an old book, probably published in the 80s or earlier, and was a small paperback, not terribly thick. It had a fairly short title, I think, maybe with the word "star" in it.


It takes place in a spacefaring civilization where telepaths play some sort of important role on spaceships, so that each ship has two. The main character is one of his ship's telepaths, and he was in love (I think) with the ship's other telepath, a woman. But she dies or leaves, and the replacement they get is a clone of her, who he falls in love with. The new telepath has dreams of a man coming to her from space on wings of fire and rejects the MC because of it.


Then somehow the ship is destroyed maybe, or there's a battle or something. I can't remember the middle part, but somehow the MC ends up becoming a kind of god, a member of a race of vastly powerful beings that can create planets and the like (I think they're called the Ea, maybe?) He creates a planet inhabited by super intelligent bears, and lives for centuries. Then the rest of the god-beings are somehow destroyed in a supernova? and the MC ends up returning to human form and being taken care of by the bear-people. They give him a spaceship so that he can go through a black hole, cross the event horizon, and go back in time to find the female telepath from before. His ship explodes over her planet and so he arrives in a way that looks like he has wings of fire and she recognizes him as her "starman."


Anyone recognize it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Scifi novel - telepaths on starships, MC goes through a black hole and becomes a god?

I know I have read this book, and your plot summary is pretty good. I will see if I can find it again. My thinking is that the author is one of the classics, like Poul Anderson or Fred Pohl.