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What is this book called?

Young Adult- Fiction


I read a book when I was a teenager. I don't know the title  or the author. All I know are some details of the story. I believe it starts out with a boy at an orphanage being adopted by a captain of a ship. After he gets on the ship he discovers the captain isn't very nice. He escapes the ship (or it crashes) with two other kids. I know one was a girl his age and the other was younger but I can't remember if it was a boy or a girl. They end up on an island inhabited by natives. They live on the island and are exposed to the natives ways. The kids were raised Christian. The boy is uncomfortable with their ways and very closed minded. But the other two are more open to learning. There is one particular part I remember when the natives celebrate a sort of day of the dead. They unbury their dead relatives and show the bones to pay their respect that way. I believe it's the moment he starts to open up a bit. I think there is a part too were the captain finds them and tries to take them off the island, but they want to stay. I believe he cares to have them back in his command because they know something he doesn't want out.

I'm sorry this is so vague. If anyone has an idea what book this is please help me! I found it in the young adult section of my old library.

Thank you!