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YA Supernatural Book from the 90's

HI Everyrone,


I sincerly hope you guys can help me out.  I am looking for a book that I read in the 90's when I was a teen.  I'm almost positive it was a YA novel as I was reading it at the same time I was reading RL Stine and Caroline Cooney etc. 


I remember the plot distinctly and it was as follows:


The books opens witha teenage girl (I believe her name was Olivia but I could be wrong) sitting in a cab outside of an old mansion (set in the south on a bayou) wondering if she should go in.  The cab driver was reluctant to take her there as this house and the residents within were the outcasts of the town.  However, the girl was determined to go in as A) she had nowhere else to go as her mother had died and she never knew her father and B) her grandmother owned the house and her mother had ran away when she was pregnant with her.  When she does finally gather the courage to enter the home, she asks the cab driver to please wait for her just in case she loses her nerve. But he ends up leaving her there.  An older black maid answers the door and as she finally enters the mansion she sees paintings on the walls of a very handsome young man in period dress (around the time of the civil war).  I remember she pretends to faint and she hears the voices of two men and an older woman who she presumes is her grandmother (I think her name was Rose) but Olivia never tells her that she is her long lost grandaughter.


The next basic plot points:


She aquires a job at the mansion as a maid

She meets both young men.  Both handsome.  One nice.  One not so nice.  (His name started with an S.  Maybe Skylar?)  She's unwillingly attracted to both. 

There is another maid there, very beautiful but very mean.  She has a snake that at one point she even puts in Olivia's (?) bed.  Olivia (?) later kills the snake is front of the mean maid.

Strange things start to happen to her.  She starts seeing things in the dark.  Thinking that someone is there watching her at night.

She wakes up one night with a bite on her thigh. 

There is a little girl that works there that does not have a tongue that tries to help her figure out what's going on in this house.  She ends up being murdered. Olivia (?) finds her body in a secret passageway that leads to her room.

Olivia (?) ends up with the nicer young man by the end of the book as he is hurt with a chest wound that he refuses to tell her how he got and she tries to comfort him in his pain.  She falls alseep on his chest and starts to have visions of a past that includes him.


The main premise:


The people in the house all lived during the Civil War.  There was a young woman who both brothers loved.  She loved them as well but could never choose.  The nicer one got hurt in the war and the young woman went to the evil maid who was a voodoo preistess to help her save him from dying.  The voodoo priestess was jealous of the love these boys had for her and cast a spell that caused them all, including the older maid who opened the door in the beggining of the book, to live forever EXCEPT for the young woman they loved.  They were all cursed for eternity to eat human flesh in order to survive but the only way they could continue to survive is if there was a Lady of the House. If there was no sucessor they would all perish.  They would forever watch the women they loved die while they continued to live forever. 


I remember that the cover of the book was of a mansion with brown vines in front of it.  I'm pretty sure the word Blood was in the title. 


And I'll stop here with my yammering. :smileyhappy:


Its been driving me crazy!  Please help!