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book i've been looking for for over a year

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I read this book sometime in 2012. I know for sure that I read it before October. The book is young adult romance. It's about this senior high school girl and this guy that already graduated from high school. They knew each other from past experiences (I don't remember how they know each other but I think it's because the girl's brother knows the guy). Anyways, they meet at a local coffee shop. They talk and all. In the next few weeks, they get really close to each other and they get engaged. He gets her a ring and all. Now at this time, the girl is applying to colleges and she sent a college application to Harvard. The guy, at this time, receives a job promotion or a new job (I can't recall which one) in a city (I think). For the job, the guy has to move to another state (I think). Anyway, the two people reveal their engagement to their family members. She shows them the ring and yeah. Their parents disaprove but they decide to plan their wedding anyway. Around this time, the girl gets a letter from Harvard telling her that she got accepted. At the same time though, the guy finds out that he got accept to his new job promotion/job. He wants for him and the girl to buy a house and live together near his job. But, the place that the guy's job is located at is far away from Harvard. So, the guy wants the girl to go to a college close to where his job is. They fight and all. One night (I think it was night), the girl sits in her room and ponders about Harvard. She decides to go to Harvard. So, she completes the form and turns it in to the Harvard. I believe that Harvard is close to the place where the girl and the guy currently are because I remember that she actually walked or drove to the Harvard building and turned it in instead of mailing the form. So she tells the guy that she completed the form and that she's going to Harvard. The guy gets really angry. Their relationship shatters. So, they divorce (can u divorce if you're only engaged?) I believe that they broke up on a beach. So basically, the guy moves and works at his new job. Their lives go on. Then at the end of the story (or maybe it was in the epilogue), the guy and the girl coincedentally are at the same exact local coffee shop that they met at at the beginning of the book at the same time. Apparently, the guy came back to town because he was on break or something. Anyway the two greet each other and smile and (possibly) talk. I remember that at the end of the story, I inferred that the two would get back together and restart their relationship. The book sort of hinted at that (I think). That's basically the plot of this book. I really need help finding it. :smileyhappy:

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Re: book i've been looking for for over a year

That sounds like Nicolas Sparks' book, Dear John, just from a description on the movie I heard once. May be worth checking out though! :smileyhappy: