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forgot title of a book about an native american girl (fiction)

So I remember reading a book about an indian girl when I was in grade school. I remember main points of the book, such like in the beginning where her and a sister or a friend are in a field tending to sheep and they get kidnapped by white men. I dont remember exactly how but she ends up getting saved and returns to her tribe, where they end up getting relocated by the settlers. I also remember that when they are moving, she ends up taking someones baby because they died, and the baby dies in her arms :smileysad: then her and a boy from her tribe (the one who saved her i believe) end up escaping and live in a cave where they have children. I know that's not much to go by, I wish i could remember more, i don't recall any names or the author. Search engines are useless at this point. Hopefully someone can help me with this. If not then I'll be very sad :smileysad: