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general science

I am looking for a large paper back written some years ago that did an amazing job of tying together a large number of disciplines from biology to physics and all points in between.It featured excellent hand drawn black and white illustrations and was notable(for me)in it's incredible expanse of knowledge presented in basic layman's language.I realize this is a vague description but it's been many years since I've come across it.I had originally posted a query at another book finding resource and mentioned that there may have been something to do with numbers in the title as in "the six most important numbers" etc which prompted someone to suggest that the book I'm searching for was written by Martin Rees entitled "Just Six Numbers, the deep forces that shape the universe" but having read a few reveiws on it,I'm convinced this isn't the book I'm looking for mainly as it doesn't seem to have the same scope. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks for reading.

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Re: general science

The best book like this that I have ever read was A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.  I'm not sure if this is the one you're looking for but you might like to take a look even if it isn't.



A Short History of Nearly Everything