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please help! im going crazy looking for these books! demon/evil spirit, possessing humans

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2nd book, read in mid or late 90's (late i think) is about a race of evil spirits/demons something along those lines, awakened in a cave i think somewhere near upstate new york. the beings are vulnerable to light. the darkness around them always seems to be infinitely darker than the blackest pitch of midnight. they inhabit the bodies of humans at the brink of death. the 1st takes the town bully i think, or maybe it was his brother or friend, i forget. the infected go about infecting more people by severely beating them until they are right at that moment when anymore would bring aboud sure death. they have to be at the right point to be taken. too much and the victim dies, not enough and their souls are to strong to be evicted by the creatures. the town eventually is taken over by the possessed people, hidning in basements and whatnot during daylight hours. the survivors hide out at night ang go about destroying the infected during the day by exposing them to light. it'd be more helpful if i could remember more about the main character. i believe he (definitely a "he") is around his late 30's early 40's. average physique. maybe a writer. he is from the town (cant remember name of town, but im pretty sure its somewhere upstate new york) but left long ago, only returning now to visit family i think, possibly a dying mother, maybe even to attend her funeral. i believe he may also have a love interest in the town that he eventually rekindles his relationship with.