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"Children's book", girl trapped in a trunk or chest for years by her mother but survives!



Please help me remember the title of a book I read around the year 2007.


I remember it having a cream and red cover. Cream base with red writings/border designs.


I also remember it to be a "children's book" although I'm not so sure anymore. 


The plot goes something like.. There is a girl who is trapped by her mother (or stepmother?) in a trunk or chest for a lot of years. I think it may have been 12 years. But she survives it. Crazy right? She created a world in her mind, and that's how she spent the years trapped in the trunk. When she gets out of the trunk she is taller, she has grown.


So far that's all I can remember, and I'd really like to read it again!


I have confused the story of this book with Neil Gaiman's Coraline before, while searching for it. 


Thank you for all the help!