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Civil War & the Story

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We see that the story takes place during a civil war. There are a few longer descriptions of the effects of this, but for the most part, the politics of the day is mentioned only in passing.

For example, when Florentino is on the boat, leaving home: "Moreover, another episode of the intermittent civil war between the Liberals and Conservatives had broken out that year, and the Captain had taken very strict precautions to maintain internal order and protect the safety of the passengers. Trying to avoid misunderstandings and provocations, he prohibited the favorite pastime during river voyages in those days, which was to shoot the alligators sunning themselves on the broad sandy banks."

Something as horrific as war seems to feel 'barely there' throughout the book. Does anyone else feel the same way?

That said, how did the presence of this civil war affect your reading of Fermina & Florentino's love story?

For more info about the Colombian Civil War (1964 - present), check out Wikipedia.

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Re: Civil War & the Story

It doesn't really affect the characters, because they're so wrapped up in their own lives. I know people who are so concerned with their own little world that they have no interest in what's going on in the country or the rest of the world.

Or maybe it's because civil wars are so frequent in South America, that wars are just taken for granted.
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