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Middle Book Discussion: Esme and Iris

Esme is both taken aback and fascinated by many things that Iris shows and tells her. What does Esme find so remarkable about Iris? How are Iris and Esme similar? How are they different?

This section is suitable for those who have read midway through the book. Please contain your responses to the first half of the book to avoid posting spoilers.
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Re: Middle Book Discussion: Esme and Iris

Besides being frozen in time, all that we take for granted is new to her, like a blind person finally getting his eyesight back. Iris has independence and self sufficiency. Esme recognizes the same 'march to one's own drum' in Iris with the exception that Iris CAN march without the fear of being locked away. Being in control of one's own destiny makes all the difference. She has a voice. Esme has no voice just invisibily. Iris can make all the wrong choices for herself while everyone else made all the wrong choices for Esme.
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