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Film Adaptations of Austen's Other Novels

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Many members like to discuss the various film adaptations of Austen's novels.  We have a thread for Mansfield Park adaptations, specifically, but perhaps there are film adaptations of other Austen novels that folks would like to talk about as well.

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Re: Film Adaptations of Austen's Other Novels

Connie, Thanks for the Thread!
I've read all Austens books and seen at least one adaption of each in film...
The Colin Firth BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice is by far the best adaption.. and although there are a few differences from the book it is so close... and I think that Jennifer and Colin are outstanding.. they portray the characters so well...
Mr. Collins of course makes you want to ring his neck.. although the Mr. Collins in the Kiera Knightly version got under your nerves too..
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