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I have really enjoyed this book so much

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Hello everybody, I am on the last chapter of the book today and all I have to say about is, wow what a great book! I learned alot about human nature, kind of funny because I wasn't expecting that! I loved this book and just wanted to post someting on here just to say that Shelley did a good job. I almost cried when Victor discovered that Clervel and Elizabeth had been killed, no other book has done that to me before. I expect that that will happen to me again when I read other books, but this was the first time. I learned alot about how we humans are from the way the monster feels, like how we want to know where we came from, how we can learn by observation, how we want to be accepted, how we want companionship, and other things like that. Also it shows us to look beyond apperances, like how if Victor had shown the monster love and compassion the monster might not have caused Victor so much pain. It is almost like Beauty and the Best, accept not as happy. I would like to know if anyone else has learned alot about human nature from the monster. I would really recomend to everyone to read this book. Alot of kids my age(13) haven't read this book, but I think more should. Oddly enough even though the movie Young Frankenstein (1974) isn't very accurate to the book I like it because it is very funny!

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