Huckleberry Finnegans Wake

riverrun on a riverraft past Jackson's Island and Cairo and farther south down round curve of ess and bend of pee into the Mississippi floodplain and environs. Meeting up then again finally a dukesaying Bilgewater waterhaired a wearworn and heir to pap's noble berth and the regal Dauphin Louis Louis, little Louis lost yet many Louis lost by griftdrifting wanderers southasleep in a Kentucky dream the mishestench of distillillery from fetid headholes venting northward agrand wafting like pap's old stink. A sho wan help thee men Huck they sho use aw help. Thick flubberylubberyrubbery lips expel a brokarken dialectical dialect a language inbornown betraying some inspark of humanity through the charcoal golem lurching forward, slooped, slumped, tarred and wanntana rayust and the exhaustion and indignation flaring in dead cow eyes. Old Testament hullaballoo haven and every man firing and brimstoning every other man a new testament heeizz judgmant cometh and that right soon with the gavelsmash selling men blockwise blackwise I reckon a bada sold he lookin like he baga sold he do mighty fine work badadada slamrap wood on wood flesh stripped ripe for picking and Jim sayin he done seen some thangs what made him powerful furious beasttempered den and hey yall what you lookin at **bleep** what you starin at boy niggerboy dey deedsignin away muh kin in dere Sunday best and me blackdack eyes up at heaven say where the host runoft to?

But old HuCkE done see all the neighsayers caint be troothsayers even though ol Jefferson heself plant a garden with others black hands and he can see the hands soilcovered sweat and sunslight, a rocking chair on the porch squeakcreak slurp of tea and grayhaired indignant penman. But four fathers and countrybuilders and laborforces ain't got no right And since this hallowed way of life so long but not right not Jim niggerboy but pa done say and all them people say thisuh one be Missuhs Watsons properteh thisuh one with the strong build and meek puppy eyes harangutaned and marked in mind in body property belonging but never belonging and unable to discern white from wrong. Four men held in her swarms, the gushing Miss Isipee, winding her way cross court and country freely flowing down from sea to sea, carrying on her two men, a king in permanent interregnum, the bilgewater Duke of Griftin, the animalman a hootin hollerin the troublesome boy once dead back from heck risen to freedeem on a little raft a way a lone a last a loved a long the
by Jon_B on ‎02-25-2009 03:45 PM
The best yet by far
by Blogger L_Monty on ‎02-25-2009 10:32 PM
Welcome to B&N. I deeply, deeply resent your talent.
by Moderator becke_davis on ‎02-25-2009 10:36 PM
That's what I like about this place - a lot of talent, and a lot of snark.