The Inside Scoop

                                          THE            INSIDE          SCOOP


  • Recently, your roving gossip reporter has noticed that the Incredible Hulk has been absent from the social scene.  


  • Dr. Bruce Banner was spotted at an anger-management seminar given by Dr. Phil.


  • Elizabeth Bennett says computer dating match ups are worth a try.


  • Renowned detective Adrian Monk has refused to consult with famed detective Nero Wolfe who prefers not to leave his premises. Insiders have confirmed that Mr. Monk is appalled  by Archie's sloppy sandwiches . He also does not care for the assymetrical appearance of Mr. Wolfe's famed orchids.


  • Sam-I-Am, the roving restaurant critic, has started offering more varied food choices to his readers.


  • The Three Bears have recently moved to an exclusive gated community'


Stay tuned., You never know where your roving reporter may be lurking!