The Satanic Purses (Salman Rushdie meets Chic Lit)

Just before dawn one winter's morning, a hijacked jetliner explodes above the English Channel. Through the falling debris, two self-proclaimed New York City shopaholics – Ally and Erica – fall from the sky and miraculously wash up on the snow-covered sands of an English beach clutching their credit cards. Through a series of surreal metamorphoses, dreams and revelations, they find enlightenment in a small shop selling designer handbags.

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by Moderator becke_davis on ‎02-24-2009 12:14 PM
Only you could come up with this one, Paul!
by on ‎02-24-2009 08:08 PM
Definitely a keeper whoo that could make a really good story.
by CasimirRadon on ‎02-26-2009 09:08 PM
This is great.