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How to Marry a Slumdog Millionaire

Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, and Marilyn Monroe set their marital sights on an 18 year old street urchin named Jamal.
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Wallace and Gromit: Judgment Day

    The whimsical adventures of absent-minded inventor Wallace and his trusty dog, Gromit are cut short when SKYNET achieves sentience. Will the intrepid inventor and his crafty canine be able to thwart SKYNET's deadly cyborgs and save the human race?


Starring Peter Sallis and Arnold Schwarzenegger 

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Red Dawn of the Dead

     In 1986, the Soviet Union and Cuba invade the United States of America; unfortunately, they brought something even deadlier with them... A plague created by the Chernobyl meltdown which causes the reanimation of the dead. Within a matter of days, the entire soviet invasion force succumbs to the virus and begins preying upon human flesh across the country.

      The story follows a small group of suburban Milwaukee survivors who are on the run from their undead would-be foreign conquerors. After running low on ammunition and supplies, they decide to barricade themselves in a downtown shopping mall and defend the facility until help arrives.... If they just wait long enough, help will surely arrive... 



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The Towering Inferno of Dr. Funkenstein

     Dr. Funkenstein constructs an enormous tower to harness the pure power of funk music with the intent of reviving the dead. Following his succsessful completion of the creature called "Funkenstein," the doctor hosts a party for fellow eccentric scientists. Unfortunately, the party is cut short when massive amounts of hairspray in the air ignites following a lava-lamp mishap on shag carpeting. While the doctor and friends are busy partying, nearby villagers learn of the existence of  the funk monster and wish to punish Funkenstein for what they see as an abomination. To that end, they have sworn to tear the roof off Tower Funkenstein in order to force Funkenstein to give up the funk. Meanwhile, as his party guests attempt to evade the collapsing building, Funkenstein attempts to save his greatest creation during a freaked out fantastic voyage of action and danger.