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Re: Book Covers

I agree with the reader who said that covers should give a clear indication of genre. In my first romantic mystery for Five Star/Gale, THE INFERNO COLLECTION, I worked with the artist to create an eerie sense because the novel was a paranormal romantic mystery thriller. It's proven to be a somewhat controversial book but remains quite unique. I was pleased with the cover art, although where my author name was given, red and black bled together, the only mistake.


As for my new romantic mystery, THE DROWNING POOL, there are actually two drowning pools in the novel and so I think the emphasis in the picture was appropriate as it is symbolic of something more. But have a look yourself. The novel is listed on B&N online. All comments and observations appreciated!


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Re: Book Covers

That's a very good point about making the genre clear. While I don't buy books for their covers, I do take a lead from the covers. There's nothing worse than going into a book with certain preconceived ideas and expectations and finding that the cover mislead you!