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Re: Guest Blog by Author MATTHEW DUNN!

becke_davis wrote:

Matthew_DunnMD wrote:

MI6 has to read all of my books (and any structured interviews I give or articles I write).  Thankfully, the organization's been very supportive.  I do have to be very careful.  Britain has a culture of secrecy that derives from our experiences in the First and Second World Wars (having spies in our country and on our doorstop) so it has been an unusual process.  MI6 and I are feeling our way a bit in terms of this as I'm the first of my generation from MI6 to write and be in the public eye..

Have others attempted to get published and been turned down by MI6, that you know of? Did your books have to meet specific criteria before you could submit them to publishers?

In my generation, very few ex-MI6 officers have written a book.  There have been a couple of non-fiction books written by former MI6 officers that caused major problems and involved court cases and imprisonment for the writers, but those books were written by disgruntled officers.  I'm not in that category so write while on very good terms with British Intelligence.

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Re: Guest Blog by Author MATTHEW DUNN!

Thank you for visiting with us, Matthew! Come back and join us any time!


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