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Our Four Fabulous 0.99 NOOK eBook Mysteries for May!

A broken cop flees his past in Kansas, only to come face to face with it again at the Pacific Ocean’s edge in Kenneth R. Lewis’ award winning crime novel LITTLE BLUE WHALES. A deranged serial killer on the loose in the Baltimore countryside is putting his victim’s bodies in plastic garbage bags and sticking them down abandoned wells, and the female FBI agent in charge of catching him, is next on his list, in Miranda Phillips Walker’s THE WELL MEANING KILLER. A Navy commuter plane drops from the sky crashes in the California desert, killing all of the human passengers on board, and suspected alien beings on board with them are blamed for the deaths in Deb Hoag’s eerie paranormal thriller RODS. A pair of ruthless Russian mobsters steal a priceless war artifact from a small town on the Oregon coast and will stop at nothing to escape with it, including killing the federal agent, and police chief, who are forced to pursue them in Kenneth R. Lewis’s THE SPARROW’S BLADE. These Four Fabulous Mysteries from Krill Press are on sale now this month for only 0.99 on Kindle.