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The NEW Eerie Coterie - Mysteries and Horror

We are back and so sorry for being gone so long. I want to thank all the viewers and readers who participated in the trial of P.D. James earlier this year.  Now we are going back to our roots while still invading the mystery field as well.  The Eerie Coterie homesite is no longer up, but we do live here on MYB&N and soon that site will incorporate some of these new changes.


Instead of a focus on just one book I want to open the field to those out there reading these posts and ask: 


1. What are your favorite mystery or horror authors?

2. What is your favorite Horror novel?

3. Did anyone read the latest by Henning Mankell?

4. Do you read books for their literary value or for pure entertainment?


I look forward to reading the responses and answering any questions.  I thank you all again for making our earlier endeavor so successful.  By the way - What is your favorite P.D. James novel?  We only read three complete novels, but my favorite is still Original Sin.


I have also started a new blog and page for Steel Your Heart which is all for Danielle Steel fans out there. 



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Re: The NEW Eerie Coterie - Mysteries and Horror

Did you notice we have Jonathan Kellerman visiting? You should stop by and say hi to him!