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Re: Adobe Digital Editions

You do not need ADE for B&N's DRM. Support for B&N's DRM in ADE has nothing to do with support for B&N's DRM on the e-reader device. Books protected with B&N's DRM can just be copied to a device, without needing any special software (a big advantage compared to Adobe DRM).

At the end of last year Adobe released a new version of its software for e-reader devices that includes support for B&N's DRM. Several software readers are already using this software, and support B&N's DRM.

Existing devices like those of Sony, will have to be upgraded with firmware based on the new Adobe software to support B&N's DRM. As far as I know no manufacturer has released such a firmaware update yet.

New ePub devices released in the future will hopefully be using the new Adobe software and support B&N's DRM (unless manufacturers like Sony disable this on purpose).