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Amazon donates 5% of Purchase Price

I encountered an organization who strictly links to Amazon for ebooks.  Christian Century Magazine links their readers to Amazon.  You can only buy their ebooks in Kindle format.  I wrote to them and asked them why they only offered Kindle formatted ebooks.  Their answer was that Amazon donates 5% of the sale back to their organization.

So because of this arrangement, I cannot buy any ebooks for my Nook.  Has anyone else run into this problem?  Very Frustrating!

I have run into two other publishers who only publish Kindle formatted ebooks: Alban Institute, and Hampton Roads Publishing. 


So now I have three organizations who are Kindle only.

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Re: Amazon donates 5% of Purchase Price

I understand your frustration. Have you checked Christianbook dot com? They have ebooks and might have something you are looking for.


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