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Re: Beware of Preordering e books


Allem-o wrote:


That's what I did Frog...If I pre-order it is usually a Agency 5 book at $9.99 or lower.  I figure they will be higher once they are available for sale.   I just picked up Bush's "Decision Points" for 9.99...not due out until November.


It does tick me a bit though that B&N and the publisher is getting interest off of my money for 6 months though. 


BTW...Frog are you a TCU Alumni ??  (Just wondering)



Yes, I am!  :smileyhappy:


I have to admit I'm spoiled by the method that both Amazon and Wal-mart use for pre-orders, both the price guarantee and the fact they do not hit your card until it ships.


If BN wants to keep up with these two giants, they need to make some changes.  Even when I had my BN membership, had it for at least 25 years before giving it up last Dec., I was pre-ordering my books through Amazon for those very reasons.

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Re: Beware of Preordering e books

I received an email today with an apology and the refunded amount. It was clear it was a one time courtersy. At least I got my money back and I have learned to just wait and watch. Some books are better preordered and some are not.

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Re: Beware of Preordering e books

True, I preordered Shadowfever which is not available for release until Jan 11, for $14.04, I got an email that stated:


"Thank you for shopping with us.

We're excited you're excited about the pre-sale title below. When this title is released and available for download in your Library, we will notify you by email ASAP. The expected date of availability is below. Your credit card will not be charged until the item is available for download."


I now see it is still on preoorder but now for $9.99. I just emailed them to see if they will charge me the $14.04 or the $9.99, we'll see......


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Re: Beware of Preordering e books

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I just had this problem too with the New Karen Marie Moning book due to be released in January of 2011.  I preordered in August and paid 14 something.  Today the pre-order price is listed as 9.99.  I'm sorry it really makes me upset that I am being charged more because I bought the book a little earlier than others. 


I am fairly new to ebooks so I really thought that price match was a universal thing....oh well...Lesson learned!!!


Edit...I just saw the previous post about this book

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Re: Beware of Preordering e books

Thank you for this warning, and I wish I had read this a year ago when I bought my Nook. This morning I had two ebooks delivered to my Nook, one that I preordered in September and one in October. The preorder price for each was $7.99. Today on the B&N website, the ebook prices are $4.99 and $6.99 for the two ebooks. I have called customer service to request a credit of $3 and $1 plus tax for these. I frequently pre-order--that way I don't have to track the releases from my favorite authors--but I will never receive a pre-ordered ebook again without checking the current ebook price and obtaining a refund if the price has gone down.


The two books are How The Marquess Was Won by Julie Ann Long ($4.99 today) and This Duke is Mine by Eloisa James ($6.99 today).


I hope this helps everybody. BTW, your credit card does not get charged until the ebook is released.

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