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Giving a Used Nook

I received an ipad after purchasing my nook book a couple months ago.  my nook is barely used.  i have the service plan, a kate spade cover, and a silicone cover.  if i restore factory settings to the nook, am i good to go as far as reselling it or giving it to someone?  is the service plan able to be used by someone else?  will a new user have access to my account? 

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Re: Giving a Used Nook

You'll have to unregister before you can reset to factory settings, so the new user won't have any access to your account.


The B&N extended service plan is transferable, but it has to be transferred in writing by the seller (you). The service plan can be found at and the address where you need to send the transfer information can be found in section 12.


The standard warranty is not transferable.


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Re: Giving a Used Nook

Hey Doug,


I broke down and bought myself a Nook Color, so I don't need my old 3G + Wifi Nook.  Should I sell on Ebay or can I trade it in to Barnesandnoble?





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Re: Giving a Used Nook

You can't get your money back from BN unless you bought it less than 14 days ago.  You could sell it to a store that buys used electronics, like Best Buy, but you won't get much out of it.  Ebay is probably your best bet. 

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Re: Giving a Used Nook

Or you could try  I sold my iPhone on there prior to purchasing my Droid X.   Just for the heck of it I checked what I could get for my Nook 3G/Wi-Fi.  In perfect condition with a case they were willing to give me $67.

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Re: Giving a Used Nook

well I bought one too many Nook 3gs for xmas gifts for my kids. I bought them for 99 dollars each on ebay from b&N and resold the one I didn't need on ebay. I started the bids at 9.99 and it sold for 157.50.

I just checked on ebay and they are doing better than 67.00. I would go to ebay, do a search and compare what is selling for how much (meaning nook 3g or nook wifi plus extras or not) to what you would be selling.